Saturday, August 16, 2008

I miss and sad~~

thurs,2.20am(my room)-at this moment,i m thinking about my friends at cyber...
are they sleeping now?? it doesn't matter...

bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...
bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...bad mood...
studying EP1016 jtz now. but no mood 2 continue.bcz argue wif somebdy~
angry and sad!!!
who dare come kacao me. i sure hentam him/her/it...

poh heng...wat can i do???
slp? u no online some more...none of u at cyber.

i hate 2day~reali bad day...
(~~~you have a bad day~~~)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo~ the BEST player in 2008!!!

to~ "brader" either in cyber o melaka~

if brader at cyber arx~
if u all got cm here~
we go eat Seoul Garden eat again~
tat time we went to there reali fun..
hope to go again~ and again with the same ppl~
we must finish the most expensive food at there~~
(especially tat fish arx~)
"k.k" arx~
if u see this post~
i wanna tell u that ur towel still at my house here o~~

duNO it's sad or funny~~ (T^T)

I knew a gang of "brader" in MMU MELAKA during foundation year~
we really had a lot of joys~~
We always eat McD 2gether, play 2gether,"insult" each other 2gether~~
but this year~ some of them went to Cyber because we take different course~
i really miss them~
LOng time no eat McD with them d~~

BUT~~~ they "hurt" my little "heart" on "that day"...

20th of JUlY,(SUN), about 2am-3am...
this day was a quite special day~ it shoud be happy day~
it was my brader "Ixxx"'s birthday~
i sent a comment 2 him 2 wish him happy birthday~
then i was studying EEM for the test on 22nd of july~
suddenly lion called me~
she told me something happened in Cyber~
something happened to "them" in Cyber~
she was nervous` she said "k.k","p.h" and "exxxx" quarrelling~~
she said "Ixxx" (the guy who was birthday) called her and told her~
and he didn't say clearly~
So,i decided to called "Ixxx" to concern about them~
he said he nt sure because he was slping~
i called "p.h" 2 ask what hd happen~~
but he talking to me with that kind of rude voice and ask me dun disturb him 1st~
i even hvn say anythg...
the guy who treat me most good,he talk 2 me like that~
then i told jerry,mayb they just quarrel like kids~ mayb just a while onl~
jerry and i still laughing at them~
"dailou" called this time~
he said "k.k" called him and "dailou" said "k.k" was crying and saying that "p.h" beat him~ he ask me 2 call them 2 concern what hd happened again~
i was thinking...
that si "p.h" big size like that,beat "k.k" must be very pain~
then i told jerry~ we thought it was serious already~
we worried abt them~
then i decided to called "k.k"~
wah~~ cham liao~~ it was true!!!
"k.k" was crying~ he complaint "p.h" beat him~
then i asked why "p.h" beat him~
he was very emo and keep crying~
then i ask him go back to his condo. 1st~
he said "Ixxx" was slping and nt bother them at all~
then i concerned him~
once i cut the line~
I wanted to call "Ixxx" to go to find "k.k"~
bUT~~ i unable to contact him successfully~
CHAM LIAO!!!(i think)
then i thought maybe lion was talking with him gua~~
I decided to go lion's house~
i saw jerry was worried~ i ask him 2 go along with me~
we went out by my bike~ we didn't bring jackets~
oh my god!!
damn cold~~
on the way~~
no mood~~
my phone rang...
i stopped my bike beside the road~
i answered the phone...
(got a lot of ppl shouting and cheering)
it was "k.k"!!
it was so strange!!!
then,"k.k" told me they were cheating us!!!
he said they were celebrating "Ixxx"'s birthday~
and they are playing a game on US(lion,dailou,jerry and me~)
jerry and i were shocked~
i don't know how to explain the feeling at that time...
just like you are trying to save ur lovely ppl frm the river~
then he/she suddenly stand up~ the river is narrow...
you know my hand was shaking when i heard "k.k" crying voice???!
you know i was sad when i was going to corcern what hd happened and the guy talking with me with rude voice??!
you know we at here really worry about YOU all there???!
when reach lion's house there.
then you guys telling me that you all sere just playing with us and laughing.
wah piang!!!
sad u knw???
nt angry.
bt disappointed!
we all worry you all like hell~ bt u all cheating us~
i almost cry when u all say like tat~
if lion go tcar o i got car~
i possible will go Cyber if still cant solve the prblem...
really really sad sial...

So i say don't know should say it's funny or sad~~
still miss you all there~
si "p.h"~~ next time u talk to me like that again~ i am going to chop u!!!
syabas brader!! and dahsyat nya this kind of "game"~~~
study hard!!

Cristiano Ronaldo~Dribbling and skills master~(OMG)

Ronaldinho VS Ronaldo (cool!!)

钢弹机械~~ quite many people like it~~

emm~~ nt bd~
really nice n pretty~~
(i mean the girl beside)